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The effective transformation of the energy resources gifted to us by nature into forms suitable for humans is a necessary condition for the successful existence of modern society. Without a sufficient number of different types of energy it is impossible to provide humanity with drinking water and food, transportation services and warm houses, shining cities and familiar high-tech devices. People will always need energy available at any time, and during periods of calm life, and during natural disasters, man-made disasters or epidemics. However, the taming of natural resources should not cause problems - neither environmental, nor political, nor economic. These conflicting tasks must be solved by advanced energy technologies.

Advanced Energy Technologies offers unique analytical information on patent solutions in the most important sectors of the modern energy industry, including renewable energy and fossil fuels. All patent analyses were conducted using our own original methodology, combining manual processing of texts and computer monitoring of selected indicators. Our patent reviews cover various time periods, from one year to 20 years, and more. These reviews provide detailed statistical data, systematic lists of patent documents, analysis of patent solutions in homogeneous groups, ranking of patents and patent applications, and lists of patenting participants.

In our constantly updated Library of advanced energy technologies, you can easily find the scientific paper you are interested in, the international patent application at WIPO, marketing reviews or press releases. For convenience, the entire library archive is divided into three parts - Renewable energy, Fossil fuels and Energy efficiency.

The section Energy Landscape includes an analysis of patent innovations and advanced energy developments in scientific laboratories around the world, reviews of financial statements of leading energy companies, statistical information and data on the development of the resource base and energy infrastructure.

Find out more about the world of energy with our help services. The section Energy education provides information on more than 1,200 universities from 87 countries that offer various educational programs in the field of energy. Among other services, pay attention to the List of companies and Research Organizations, where you can quickly and easily find information about several thousand energy companies and research organizations. Perhaps this is where you will find your future partner for business or collaborative research. In the section "List of websites" you can find a list of about two thousand different websites with a brief description of their main topics and content.

Select the country you are interested in via the interactive map or from the list of countries. For each one you can find information on the General State of the Economy, Energy Resources, Energy Balance, Education and Innovation, Ecology and Environment Protection.

Our latest reviews of advanced energy technologies provide information on resources, basic technologies, extensive statistics and a description of the infrastructure, information about leading companies, analysis of innovations and scientific research, and development trends.

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15 years of the first commercial concentrating solar power plant PS10


15 years ago, in March 2007, the first commercial solar power plant – PS10 (Planta Solar 10) – was put into operation in Sanlucar la Mayor near Andalusia, Spain. Although demonstration power plants with solar concentrators had already been built long before this date, the launch of PS10 marked the large-scale development of this sector of solar energy. A tower-type solar power plant...

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Energy News Monitoring

Global Hydrogen


The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has released a new report series on global hydrogen, showing the importance of its commercial...
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Wood-based Battery could Revolutionise Energy Market


Nowadays a trend can be witnessed in almost all countries around the globe which focuses on the development of renewable energy sources. One condition...
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Waste statistics in the EU: 2 151 million tonnes waste in 2020


Waste generation and treatment statistics in the European Union in 2020 presented by Eurostat reveals that EU‘s all economic activities and households...
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Market Data

Historical Dates

45 years of operation of Ikata Nuclear Power Station, 1922 MW, Japan.
10 years since the construction of Templin Photovoltaic Power Station, 128.5 MW, Germany, was completed.
5 years of operation of Huaneng Rudong Wind (offshore) Power Station, 300 MW, China.
This month marks the 10th anniversary of the operation of Olivenza 1 CSP Power Station, 50 MW, Spain.
China- Independence Day
Nigeria- Independence Day
This day marks the 160th anniversary that the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University was founded.
60 years of operation of Indian Point Energy Center Nuclear Power Station, 2062 MW, United States.
This mjonth marks the 25th anniversary of the operation of Alessandro Volta Gas Power Station, 3600 MW, Italy.
Germany- Independence Day
Iraq- Independence Day
This month marks the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the operation of Okawachi Hydroelectric Power Station, 1280 MW, Japan.
Egypt- Independence Day
This day marks the 205th anniversary that Ghent University was founded.
145 years ago the Technical University of Darmstadt opened its doors to students for the first time.
This day marks the 35th anniversary of the operation of Vindhyachal Coal Power Station, 4760 MW, India.
This month marks the 65th anniversary of the operation of The Dalles Dam Hydroelectric Power Station, 2038 MW, United States.
Spain- Independence Day
45 years since the construction of Kursk Nuclear Power Station, 3700 MW, Russia, was completed.
10 years ago, an important event took place – commissioning of California Valley Solar Ranch Photovoltaic Power Station, 250 MW, United States.
5 years of operation of Dudgeon Wind (offshore) Power Station, 402 MW, United Kingdom.
Events Calendar
October 06-07, 2022 Amsterdam
NetherlandsWind energyEnergy efficiencyHydrogen energyStorage energy

RE-Source 2022

"…The RE-Source event is the largest annual gathering in Europe of renewable energy buyers and suppliers. With more markets opening up to the...

October 12-14, 2022 New Delhi
IndiaConventional fossil fuelSolar energyRenewable energyEnergy efficiencyStorage energy

POWERGEN India 2022

"…POWERGEN India has served as India's premier forum for the power generation industry. Attracting over 8,000 attendees, POWERGEN India covers all...

October 17-18, 2022 Taipei
TaiwanWind energyStorage energy

Global Offshore Wind Summit Taiwan 2022

"…GOWST focuses on how to strengthen the policy framework for sustainable development of the wind sector towards achieving Taiwan’s ambitious targets...