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Interactive map of wind resources

An interactive map of the database of basic wind characteristics contains averaged data on wind speed and wind direction, wind gusts and temperature for more than 15,000 meteorological observations locations. The infographic created is based on information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration U.S. Department of Commerce. All estimates were obtained by averaging the actual data based on the results of predominantly three-hour measurements between 2004 and 2014 and compiled into a conditional calendar year.

For each observation location, the following were calculated: the average wind speed at a height of 10 metres; the conditional operating range in percent, when the wind speed was from 3 to 25 m/s, and the average number of measurements per interval; daily maximum and minimum values ​​of wind speed; the average monthly number of wind gusts and daily maximum and minimum air temperatures during a conditional year. In addition, for each location you can see the histogram of the wind speed distribution, the diagram of the change in the wind direction, the average monthly number of changes in the wind direction and the total length of wind direction turns in degrees during each month of the conditional year. This information is available in the drop-down window after clicking on one of the locations on the map.

By selecting the following Layers in the legend: Wind Speed or Operational Wind, you can see the average values of these parameters with the appropriate colour scheme for specific geographic areas, in a cross section, measuring: latitude = 1 (degrees), longitude = 0.5 (degrees), and calculated based on meteorological data stations located inside each cross section of the map.

The information presented  can be useful for specialists working in the field of wind energy, students and teachers, investors, journalists and analysts.


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