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Primary sources

This section presents the main primary sources of scientific and technical information that were used to create this website, as well as useful sources for further development of advanced energy technology research.

In the section "List of websites" you can find a list of around two thousand different websites with a brief description of their main topics and content. When you hover over the active icons accompanying each website details will be indicated in the tooltip. In addition, you can sort the list by language, technology and content. By clicking on the name of the website you will be linked to the relevant homepage. This list does not contain all the possible data on each source, only that which corresponds to the subject matter of this website from a relatively limited list. For example, the “Website Contents” dropdown includes the following information metrics: Patent Information; Research, analysis; Library, maps; Database, interactive maps; List of companies; Statistics News&Events; Company website; Education Popular science; Blog&Forum; Jobs Tenders, and Other. Obviously, this list can be expanded significantly, but this is unlikely to contribute to the final result. Given the fact that the applicability limits of these indicators are conditional and largely blurred, the proposed detailing is relatively subjective, and we therefore apologize in advance to website owners for possible interpretation of the subject and content that does not meet their own ideas about this, and at any time are ready to make appropriate adjustments at their request. Nevertheless, the library of websites presented provides a useful overview of the relevant subject matter, particularly for students and young engineers.

The section "List of online systems, magazines and online market reports" contains lists of the most popular online libraries of scientific information, online magazines and search engine marketing reports that will be of particular relevance to users of this website. The lists in these sections have a simple systematization, and each element is hyperlinked. Most of the information sources from these lists are presented in our online library in the scientific articles, marketing reports and news sections.

The Patent Information page focuses on various reference patent information, as well as our tips on finding and analyzing patent documents. Lists of official patent offices, public and private patent search systems, and lists of patent attorneys from around the world are also presented. In addition, there are sets of search codes for selecting patents for certain topics and specific patent databases, methods for processing patent information and the features of selected patent search systems. This data is primarily useful to novice inventors who are embarking on the path of technical creativity for the first time, as well as to specialists who are interested in having a simple and accessible patent reference.

The "Glossary" section provides links to various sources of information containing technical dictionaries or glossaries, allowing users to broaden their horizons or to resolve controversial issues related to the interpretation of a term.