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Engineered Enzymes for Better Biofuels


Aenert. Research Laboratory newsPlant biomass is a renewable, abundant, and eco-friendly source of energy. Using plant biomass can reduce reliance on fossil fuels and improve the problem of environmental pollution. A variety of biofuels such as biodiesel, biohydrogen, bioethanol, biogas stand alongside their fossil counterparts nowadays and are produced through different production processes....


EU Energy Production 2023 Q4


Aenert news. Energy Market & Energy StatisticsEurostat presented basic data on the state of the economy of the European Union countries for the fourth quarter of 2023. Before analyzing energy indices, which are the most relevant for our topic, it is advisable to look at individual indices of a general economic nature. The industrial production index (is a business cycle indicator that measures monthly changes...

Goldwind, Vestas & GE Renewable. 2023Q4 Production activity results


Aenert news. Energy CompaniesLast year's wind energy crisis, which has been brewing for some time now, has affected many companies, including industry leaders. In this brief review, we present data from last year's financial statements of the Chinese Goldwind, the Danish Vestas and the Vernova division of the American General Electric. Each of these companies are leaders in their local...

Hydrogen production by water electrolysis – operating expenses. Recent patent review


Aenert news. Invention analysisPreviously, in our article dated 21.03.2024 we have revised recent patents aimed at improving the efficiency of hydrogen production by water electrolysis. Another important problem in this technology is high operating costs of water electrolysis facilities, such as power consumption, regular maintenance, replacement of degraded or corroded elements, etc. Today we...

Events Calendar. April 2024


Aenert news. Energy Exhibitions & ConferencesWe decided to dedicate this issue to the upcoming energy events that will take place in April of this year in a number of Arab countries. The World Future Energy Summit will take place on April 16-18 in Abu Dhabi, which, due to the numerous topics offered, promises to be of great interest. Organizers report that more than four hundred companies and more than thirty...

US Energy Production 2023 Q4


Aenert news. Energy Market & Energy StatisticsAccording to a recent report from the US Energy Information Administration, the country's oil and gas production continued to record growth in the fourth quarter of 2023. Thus, crude oil production increased by 1.7% compared to the previous quarter to 13,284 Thousand Barrels per Day, which was the highest achievement for the entire period of recording this...

Hydrogen production by water electrolysis

Hydrogen production by water electrolysis – low efficiency of main process. Recent patent review


Aenert news. Invention analysisHydrogen production via water electrolysis holds immense significance in modern world. As an alternative way of producing power, it offers a potential to address global challenges related to sustainability and climate change. It offers a diverse set of advantages for a society, including decarbonization of energy sector in cases where energy is produced from green...

Improved III-V Solar Cells


Aenert. Research Laboratory newsIn the PV industry, innovative manufacturing processes, new materials, solar cells, and modules designs are constantly being developed to increase the device performance and lower the final energy cost. One such innovative technology claiming an ever growing share of the solar panel market is heterojunction solar cells. Heterojunction solar cells (HJT), variously...

Using Semiconductors to Improve Solid-State Batteries


Aenert. Research Laboratory newsNowadays many major players as well as start-ups are actively involved in the electric vehicles industry and racing to develop safer and more efficient batteries. One type of battery which has received increased attention lately is solid-state batteries. Other than lithium-ion batteries, they use a solid electrolyte, which allows for leaving out a separator...

US shale oil basins

US shale gas and tight oil production: 2023 Q4


Aenert news. Energy CompaniesThe development and subsequent industrial development of shale gas and tight oil production technologies, which was carried out at the beginning of this century in the USA, made significant changes to the oil and gas balance at the global level. Today, of the approximately 13 million Barrels per Day of oil produced in the United States, more than 60% is tight oil....