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Map of methane hydrates

The interactive map contains about 400 deposit accumulations of methane hydrates, which are referenced in scientific papers, links to which are available in the library of the Advanced Energy Technologies website.

When you click on the icon on the map, a drop-down window will display information about a specific deposit accumulation of methane hydrates, as well as a list of publications that mention this accumulation. In total, the infographic includes about 4000 publications.

To create a list of methane hydrate deposits according to the required criteria, simply select the relevant field in each of the sections of the generalized table (Country, Type) and the list will be generated automatically. For your convenience, the information box for each accumulation includes an active link pointing to its location on an interactive world map.

The information on the map can be useful for specialists exploring the resources and methods of extracting methane from hydrates, students and teachers, investors, journalists and analysts.

Deposit nameRegionCountryTypeNumber of publicationsMap


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