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Energy industry in the Czech Republic
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Energy projects Energy Development and Projects
Government Organization Ministry of Industry and Trade/Státní energetická koncepce ČR/Státní energetická koncepce/Raw Material Policy
Government Organization Ministry of Industry and Trade/Národní akční plán České republiky pro energii z obnovitelných zdrojů
Government Organization PDF Ministerstvo pro místní rozvoj/AKTUALIZACE STÁTNÍ ENERGETICKÉ KONCEPCE ČESKÉ REPUBLIKY
Website data base International Energy Agency/Global Renewable Energy/>IEA/IRENA Global Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database
Website Czech Geological Survey-Geofond/Running Projects in the Czech Republic
Website Tenders Info / Projects By Country /Czech Republic
Website Wise-Uranium / New Uranium Mining Projects - Czech Republic
Information on Tenders, Grants, Competitions
Government Organization Ministry of Industry and Trade/Funding and grants
Website Tenders Info /Energy, Power and Electrical Tenders
Website OPPENX/Czech Republic
Website Tenders Info /Tenders By Country /Czech Republic
Website GlobalTenders/Czech Republic
Website dgMarket/Energy & Mining tenders in Czech Republic