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Top 100 Global Innovators 2023


The new edition of the Top 100 Global Innovators™ 2023 report by Clarivate Plc presents a rating of 100 companies and research institutions that bring innovations and create new economic value. 

This year's list of Top 100 Global Innovators was calculated based on a new methodology using a twin track approach to evaluation:

The first track assessed the amount of inventive activity to pass the qualifying criteria while the second track focused on evaluation of all inventions in the Derwent World Patents Index™ across the four factors – influence, success, globalization, and technical distinctiveness.

Here are the main findings of the report:

  • The Top 100 Global Innovators 2023 come from 12 countries/regions.
  • This year, the leading country of previous years, Japan, could hold its position, increasing the number of entries from 35 to 38 including one company awarded Top100 Global Innovator Status for the first time – electric drive firm Nidec, and two companies that were not included in last year's ranking but have been re-entering – Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Nichia.
  • As last year, the USA came second with 19 entries.
  • Taiwan, in third place, has shown an increase in performance through two entries (Nanya Technology, Winbond Electronics) and is represented by 11 companies.
  • Germany, on the contrary, decreased its performance by two entries sharing the fourth place with France. Each country is represented by seven companies each.
  • South Korea (5) and China (4) are next on the list of innovators, with the latter losing one position compared to last year's ranking, followed by Netherlands and Switzerland, each with three companies.
  • Three countries are among the innovators, represented by one company each - Switzerland, the UK and Saudi Arabia.
  • 5 organizations are first-time entrants to the list, including Chinese electronics company AAC and elevator manufacturer Otis Worldwide from the USA.
  • The Electronics and computing equipment sector with 26 companies is again the most prominent contributor to the Top 100, ahead of the Automotive sector (10), Chemicals and materials (11), Semiconductors (11), Industrial systems (8), Industrial conglomerate (8), Aerospace and defense (6), Energy and electrical (5), Consumer goods and food (4), Government and academic research (3), Telecommunications (3), Software, media, fintech (2), and Pharmaceuticals (2).

The Еnergy and Еlectrical sector, capturing the ongoing relevance of academic research in the transition to more sustainable energy sources, is represented in the 2023 Top 100 Global Innovators by five companies losing one position compared to 2022: two companies (Signify from the Netherlands and Alstom from France) dropped out, while Japanese electric firm Nidec entered.

The Saudi Arabian Oil Company is one of the world's leaders in the production, transportation and refining of oil and gas. In recent years, Saudi Aramco has been among the leaders in the number of patented innovations in the modern oil and gas production sector and entered the Global Innovators ranking for the first time last year, retaining its place in the current ranking as well. Below are our preliminary statistics on patenting activity over the last ten years for this company in Unconventional oil (steam injection, chemical stimulation, gas injection or water flooding).

Saudi Arabian Oil Company (SA). Unconventional oil. Distribution of the company's patents granted in 2013-2022, by patent offices

As can be seen from the data given, the company's patents have been granted primarily by the USPTO (US). In addition, a significant number of patents were obtained from EPO, CIPO (Canada) and CNIA (China).

Among the technological operations in Saudi Aramco's patent portfolio related to Unconventional oil, the following operations stood out:

- Gas injection or water flooding;
- Chemical stimulation

The following categories were much less represented:

- Directional drilling or hydraulic fracturing;
- Underground reservoir exploration
- Reservoir permeability improvement and extraction
- Steam injection

Part of the patents dealt with oil equipment, including downhole steam generation, surface-generated steam, well elements, equipment and materials for drilling and steam injection.

Saudi Arabian Oil Company (SA). Unconventional oil. Distribution of the company's patents granted in 2013-2022, by technological operations

GWF - Gas injection or water flooding, CS - Chemical stimulation, DDH - Directional drilling or hydraulic fracturing, URE - Underground reservoir exploration, RPIE - Reservoir permeability improvement and extraction, STI - Steam injection, STd - Downhole steam generation, STot - Other steam treatment approaches, UTR - Uncommon thermal recovery, UAM - Undefined activation method, STs - Surface-generated steam, STwp - Waste processing in steam stimulation, DAW - Drilling and well elements, STem - Equipment and materials for drilling and steam injection, STci - Cyclic steam injection, STcs - Steam injection & chemical stimulation