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Wind Power

Nordex grew rapidly in 2016


Nordex is a German company that designs, sells and manufactures wind turbines. The company's headquarters is located in the German city of Rostock while management is located in Hamburg. In 1995 Nordex was the first company to mass-produce a 1 MW turbine. In 2016 the history of Nordex was marked by the takeover of Acciona Windpower [1] (AWP), a significant transaction that expanded its sales territory and...

Wind energy 2015 / most prominent patents


Wind energy today is the principal moving force of renewable energy development. According to REN21 international association and its latest report named RENEWABLES 2016 GLOBAL STATUS REPORT, in 2015 wind energy capacities exceeded 430 GW, which comprises about 55% of all electrical power generating renewable energy facilities in the world, excluding hydro power. The innovative activities of inventors make considerable contribution to...

Vestas and the wind power industry continued to grow in 2015


Established in 1979 the company Vestas is the market leader in wind power energy production with its global presence in 75 countries and 74 GW installed to date 56,860 wind turbines on six continents, which generate more than 145 million MWh of electricity per year, have over 80 million Europeans’ residential electricity consumption and allow to reduce carbon emissions per year by more than 75 million tonnes of CO2. 2015 has been for...

Wind energy 2015 / key indicators


Development of wind energy all over the globe continues at a steady pace and, according to the forecast of World Wind Energy Association, in 2015 total installed capacities will exceed 400 GW. China remains absolute leader in this process, with the USA and Germany coming after. However, markets are rapidly developing in other countries as well, particularly in India, United Kingdom and Brazil. The present review evaluates the latest...

Wind energy 2015 / key applicants


Wind energy is the most intensively developing sector of renewable energy industry. The total amount of electrical power generated by wind turbines, according to multiple estimations, already exceeds 3% of the aggregate global power production. This process involves dozens of countries; hundreds of manufacturers of wind turbines and components; several thousands of wind park developers and operators. Amongst other things, such...