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Energy projects Energy Development and Projects
Website data base International Energy Agency/Global Renewable Energy/ IEA/IRENA Global Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database
Website European Wind Energy Association/ EU-funded projects
Website ESTIF/ongoing projects / completed projects
Website EOL Res / project eolienne / poject solaire / transmission/
Website Nur Energie/ Projects Solaire
Website Lumo France/ Projets a finnancer
Website Boreale / Projet
Website Tennerdis/ Vitrine projets
Website MAP AcuComm/ Waste Projects across the world
Website MAP Renforus/ RENFORUS Map Viewer
Website Tenders Info / Projects By Country / France Projets
Website Global Environment Facility/ Project & Funding
Information on Tenders, Grants, Competitions
Website Commision de la Regulation de l’Energie/ appel d'offre / electricite et gaz / electricite
Website Appel d’offre audit energetique
Website Marche Online/ Appels d'offre, marchés publics Électricité, gaz et chaleur
Website Tenders Info / Energy, Power and Electrical Tenders
Website OPPENX/ Environmental tenders in France
Website Tenders Info /Tenders By Country / France Tenders
Website GlobalTenders/Global Tenders from France
Website Energy, power and electrical tenders / Energy, Power & Electrical Tenders Proposals Projects Bids - France