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Interactive map of research organizations

The database and interactive map displayed here contain a list of about four thousand research organizations involved in at least one of the energy sectors related to Renewable Energy, Unconventional Fossil Fuels, Energy Efficiency, and Environmental Protection. Data about the specific activities of each of the organizations was obtained solely from their publications referenced or posted in any section of the Advanced Energy Technologies website.

When you click on one of the icons on the map, a drop-down box displays primary information about the selected research organization which includes a link to its website home page and a list of icons indicating the nature of its research. The markers on the map have three different colours, each representing the main activity of the research organization.
To create a list of research organizations according to the required criteria, simply select the relevant field in each of the sections of the generalized table (Country, General Research Direction, Type of Organization, and Research area) and the list will be generated automatically. For your convenience, the information box for each organization contains active links, one of which leads to the home page of its website, and the other to the location of the organization's office on an interactive world map.

Research Organizations
Research organizationCountryGeneral Research DirectionType of OrganizationResearch directionsWebMap

The content of the database can be useful for specialists working in the field of contemporary energy technologies, government officials, students and teachers, investors, journalists and analysts.


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