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Patent (B) Réservoir de stockage de chaleur optimisé à partir de particules de carbonate de calcium / Appl. WO2018234707A1 / IPC: F28D20/00 / Blanc Jérôme; Larnicol Pierre / Arkema France (FR) / Appl. Date: 21.06.2018 / Publ. Date: 27.12.2018 / France

en: Heat storage tank optimised using calcium carbonate particles

Details: StorageCSPOrHybridCSP, Device, EnergyStorage, HighCostsOfPlantConstruction, HighCostsOfRepairAndReplacement, HighCostsOfMaintenance
Patent (B) LEADING EDGE PROTECTION FOR A WIND TURBINE BLADE / Appl. WO2018228647A1 / IPC: F03D1/06 / GRASSO Francesco / VESTAS WIND SYSTEMS A/S (DK) / Appl. Date: 12.06.2018 / Publ. Date: 20.12.2018 / United Kingdom
Details: HorizontalAxisWindTurbineInGeneral, Device, BladesAndComponentsThereof, LowKinetic-To-MechanicalPowerConversionEfficiency, HighCapex/EquipmentProduction
Article (R) Stressing algae for biofuel production: Biomass and biochemical composition of Scenedesmus dimorphus and Selenastrum minutum grown in municipal untreated wastewater /Nirupa Pushpakumari Kudahettige, Jana Pickova, Francesco G. Gentili/Frontiers in Energy Research, Volume 6, Issue 132/3 December, 2018/10 pp./ United Kingdom
Details: Algae, Pre-TreatmentOfFeedstock, LowEfficiencyInGeneral
Presentation, thesis, websiminar (B) A SCADA data mining method for precision assessment of performance enhancement from aerodynamic optimization of wind turbine blades /Davide Astolfi, Francesco Castellani, Ludovico Terzi/IOP Conference Series: Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1037, conference paper/December 2018/10 р./ United Kingdom
Details: OnshoreWindTurbine, Blades, LowKinetic-To-MechanicalPowerConversionEfficiency, LowEfficiencyCausedBySecondaryNaturalFactors, LowEfficiencyInGeneral
Presentation, thesis, websiminar (B) An experimental analysis of wind and power fluctuations through time-resolved data of full scale wind turbines /Francesco Castellani, Matteo Mana, Davide Astolf/IOP Conference Series: Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1037, conference paper/December 2018/11 p./ United Kingdom
Details: OnshoreWindTurbine, ControlSystemsAndEquipment, LowEfficiencyOfSecondaryEquipment, LowKinetic-To-MechanicalPowerConversionEfficiency
Article (B) Experimental and Numerical Vibrational Analysis of a Horizontal-Axis Micro-Wind Turbine /Francesco Castellani, Davide Astolfi, Matteo Becchetti, Francesco Berno, Filippo Cianetti, Alessandro Cetrini/Energies, 11(2), article/December 2018/p. 456/ United Kingdom
Details: HorizontalAxisWindTurbineInGeneral, StructuralElements, Blades, LowEfficiencyCausedBySecondaryNaturalFactors, HighOpex/OperationalMaintenance
Presentation, thesis, websiminar (B) Evaluation of the performance of hybrid CSP/biomass power plants /João Soares, Armando C Oliveira, Simon Dieckmann, Dirk Krüger, Francesco Orioli/International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies, Volume 13, Issue 4, conference paper/1 December 2018/ Pages 380–387/ United Kingdom
Details: StorageCSPOrHybridCSP, ParabolicTrough, Optics, Receivers, TurbinesAndOtherPowerGeneration, LowEfficiencyDueToEnvironmentalFactors, HighCostsInGeneral, HighCostsOfMaintenance
Book (R) Simulation Models of Biomass Thermochemical Conversion Processes, Gasification and Pyrolysis, for the Prediction of the Energetic Potential /Antonio Gagliano, Francesco Nocera, Maria Bruno/Advances in Renewable Energies and Power Technologies, Volume 2: Biomass, Fuel Cells, Geothermal Energies, and Smart Grids, book chapter/December 2018/Pages 39-85/ United Kingdom
Details: Hydrogen, Biomass-To-Liquids, OtherMethodsOfSyngasProduction, LowEfficiencyOfMainProcesses
Newsletter, Press Releases (B) Nordex Group receives orders for 54 MW from France / 28 Nov 2018 / Press Releases / Nordex United Kingdom
Details: Wind, Projects, O&M, Quaero, Valorem
Newsletter, Press Releases (B) France plots 2030 wind power build-out for 2030 / 28 Nov 2018 / Press Releases / Newsroom / WindEurope United Kingdom
Details: Statistics, Wind, Offshore, Energy Plan, France