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About AET

About Advanced Energy Technologies

Advanced Energy Technologies is a joint multinational independent energy research project under the administrative and creative direction of EnerTechUp GmbH. Among the project participants are partner companies, correspondents, consultants, engineers, programmers, economists, designers from around the world including contributors from Austria and Sweden, Latvia and Russia, Great Britain and Qatar, China and Oman. The name of the project corresponds to the direct meaning of the words Advanced Energy Technologies. We refer to advanced energy technologies as those that have the potential to significantly change the existing energy balance both in an individual region and on a global scale, both through the effective use of new, primarily renewable resources, and through the rational and environmentally friendly use of traditional fossil resources.

Vision and mission

The modern energy sector, which relies primarily on fossil fuels, requires a major transformation. This is due to the significant depletion of easily accessible reserves of traditional fossil energy resources in the form of oil and gas. Therefore, producers are increasingly forced to develop unconventional types of fossil fuels, such as heavy, high-viscosity oil, to use non-traditional forms of extraction including hydraulic fracturing technologies or production in the Arctic. In addition, the uneven distribution of the planet’s limited fossil fuel reserves and significant price fluctuations often leads to international tension. Fossil fuels are a non-renewable product, every barrel of oil, every ton of coal burned deprives future generations of this valuable energy resource.
But the most pressing issue of the modern era is the ever more present effects of climate change, seen in the non-stop melting of glaciers and temperature anomalies in various regions. Today, most experts associate this phenomenon with significant greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere - the consequence of fossil fuel combustion. However, the use of fossil fuels cannot be instantly abandoned, therefore a compromised approach towards modern energy transformation is needed.
This transformation includes a phased reduction in the share of consumption of fossil energy resources through renewable sources, increasing energy efficiency, and improving technologies for the extraction and use of fossil resources with a minimum ecological footprint. We see our mission as promoting information, ideas, technical solutions, technologies, and projects aimed at solving these problems.

Our Services

In the last two decades, there has been an explosive growth in the number of scientific and technical publications dedicated to the improvement of energy technologies. This is particularly true with regard to patents. As a result, their systematization and targeted selection has become increasingly complex, especially for inexperienced users, including students, graduates, novice engineers and company managers. Consequently, many significant technical advances remain inaccessible to much of their potential audience, and the considerable effort required to find them hinders the creative endeavors of potential inventors and researchers.
We offer a variety of convenient reference material on advanced energy technologies, on the economy and energy situation of individual countries, on companies and research organizations, and other related services. On our website you will also find numerous databases and specialized interactive maps, commentaries, and other information resources, accompanied by useful external links.
We are trying to simplify user access to a huge array of technical information. To achieve this we make a targeted selection of scientific publications, patents, marketing reports, news and press releases, and then classify this material, label each work with additional explanatory terms and accompany them with English translations of headings.
Our main product is detailed patent research on advanced energy technologies, based on our own original methodology, which allows us to identify the individual characteristics of each patent document, create sophisticated patent databases with an optimal selection of inventions and carry out a deep systematization of the obtained material, accompanied by abundant statistical data.

Our users

We strive to meet the most demanding energy information requirements among a diverse range of users, from students and young engineers to experts in modern energy technologies. Each of them can find information to meet their respective needs. For some, basic technological and economic background information may be useful, for others, estimates of the development of individual technologies or our patent research. We remain ready to cooperate with all interested parties in improving and promoting our products.