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Wind energy 2015 / key applicants

Recent Inventions / Brief Overview

Wind energy is the most intensively developing sector of renewable energy industry. The total amount of electrical power generated by wind turbines, according to multiple estimations, already exceeds 3% of the aggregate global power production. This process involves dozens of countries; hundreds of manufacturers of wind turbines and components; several thousands of wind park developers and operators. Amongst other things, such impressive achievements are also conditioned by the aggressive patenting activity of inventors. Below is a list of key applicants, based on the analysis of more than 3150 patent applications filed in the major patent offices of the world in 2015 by the representatives of 35 countries.

Wind energy 2015/Top 10 applicants

StatusCountryNameAverage RateTotal  2015
CompanyDEWobben Properties GmbH10435
CompanyDKVestas Wind Systems A/S11.4359
CompanyDESiemens AG10.2302
CompanyUSGeneral Electric9.8267
CompanyJPMitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.8.595
CompanyDKLM WP Patent Holding A/S8.565
CompanyDESenvion SE8.962
CompanyESGamesa Innovation & Technology S.L.9.851
CompanyGEYouwinenergy GmbH9.650
CompanyFRAlstom Renewable Technologies8.647

The list of top 10 applicants has changed noticeably compared to the previous year. It now includes new companies: Gamesa from Spain; YouwinenergyGmbh from Germany; and Alstom Renewable Technologies from France. First and second positions have been retained by Wobben Properties GmbH and Vestas Wind Systems, respectively.

Almost all of the companies from the above list got into the top 10 non-resident applicant list. Also, all these companies, during the year under examination, filed their technical solutions in several patent offices of the world concurrently. Among them the richest diversity in the choice of patent offices was demonstrated by Wobben Properties GmbH, which filed patent applications in 17 patent offices, including: USA; European Patent Office; China; South Korea; India; Germany, of course, and others. Vestas Wind Systems A/S filed patent applications in 10 patent offices in the world.

In the vast majority of cases the companies from the list above have disclosed technical solutions in the form of devices or methods. A small number of patent applications contain new compositions - these documents were filed by Gamesa Innovation & Technology S.L. and Senvion SE. A substantial portion of the patent applications filed by all of the top-listed companies is categorized in three related groups of International patent classification - F03D0007, F03D0001, and F03D0011. All patent applications of Wobben Properties GmbH and Senvion SE that were filed in 2015 are based on previously registered priority documents and apparently constitute an extension of the existing patent families. Most of the documents that do not relate to the existing patent families were offered by the General Electric company.

The problems related to high costs of equipment maintenance, repair and replacement were prioritized by all companies from the top 10 list in their technical solutions. The leading companies also placed much attention to the problems related to efficient performance of secondary equipment and reduction of manufacturing costs for primary equipment. Siemens AG more than others emphasized the solutions for the problems of ecological and social nature.
The diagram below identifies for each company the structure of technological interests that are mentioned in their registered documents.

Distribution of documents by technologies elements among top -10 applicants 

AC - Aerodynamic casings (nacelles, shrouds, etc.); B – Blades; CSE - Control systems and equipment; EE - Electrical equipment; ES - Energy storage; GT - Gearbox and transmission; MRR - Maintenance, repair and replacement; OTE - Other technological elements; R – Rotors; SE - Structural elements

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