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Events calendar. September 2022

The current problems on the European gas market, accompanied by large-scale changes in the natural gas supplies are certainly a central topic of the global energy industry today, and for several years to come. Today the world's natural gas production exceeds 4 Tcm, but the geographical distribution of deposits is uneven. For example, the European Union produces slightly over 1% of the world's total. This requires an enormous effort to redistribute gas flows, both technologically and politically. In this regard, the upcoming September 5-8, Gastech 2022, the largest forum in Milan, will have the most direct impact on these developments. Nearly 40,000 specialists in the field of production and transportation of natural gas as well as hydrogen technologies will take part in the exhibition and conference organized there. More than 750 international exhibitors from 60 countries will be presenting their developments, ideas and business proposals.

The most important practical aspect of the event is the participation of a wide variety of groups of influence which determine the actual state of the gas market. In addition to representatives of industrial companies and developers of the latest technologies, 20 energy ministers from different countries, several hundred CEOs & business leaders, and opinion leaders will come together in Milan. Among the participants are such giants of natural gas production as BP (United Kingdom), ENI SPA (Italy), Chevron (US), ConocoPhillips (US), Equinor (Norway), Shell (United Kingdom), Sonatrach (Algeria). The global equipment manufacturing industry will also be represented, including Hyundai Heavy Industries (South Korea), Kawasaki Heavy Industries, LTD (Japan), Samsung Heavy Industries Co. (South Korea), Siemens Energy (Germany).

Moreover, in Milan you will find major trading companies, such as Glencore Energy UK Limited, consulting companies represented by Cedigaz (France) and Rustand Energy (Norway). Among the companies specializing in LNG transportation, Brunei LNG and Nigeria LNG Limited should be mentioned. The hydrogen technology industry will be represented in Milan by NEL Hydrogen (Norway) and the world leaders in hydrogen production and development - Linde GmbH (Germany), Air Product (US) and other companies.
Undoubtedly, the participation of such powerful representatives at the forthcoming event cannot go without results. The profound exchange of opinions, sharp discussions and new technical solutions, as well as interstate agreements will definitely help to stabilize the gas market and promote hydrogen technologies.                   
In the first decade of September, Mexico City will host the second Intersolar Mexico trade show, following its debut in 2019. More than 300 exhibitors in the fields of photovoltaics, solar heating & cooling technologies, and energy storage will present their developments and ideas. More than 13,500 visitors from over 35 countries are expected to participate. Intersolar's expansion around the world is well underway and bearing fruit. Today, photovoltaics is the leading trend in global renewable energy.

However, Mexico, with its unique solar resources, is not yet fully realizing their potential. Electricity generation from all solar sources in Mexico is slightly over 13.5 TWh per year, or about 1.5% of global production. A noticeable breakthrough in this direction was made in the last 5-6 years. This is more than, for example, in Canada, Brazil or Chile. But if we look at more advanced countries, but with fewer solar resources, then, for example, Japan generates more than 80 TWh from solar sources, South Korea - 18 TWh.  For the U.S. this figure is more than 120 TWh, and in China it has reached incredibly high levels - more than 260 TWh annually. Nevertheless, Mexico has decent examples of building and operating solar plants. For example, the Villanueva photovoltaic solar plant launched in 2018 by Enel Green Power Mexico has a considerable capacity of 754 MW, another one, the Don Jose plant (started in 2016), produces 238 MW. However, the capacity of the other plants in the country does not exceed 100 MW. Additionally, CSP plants are operating in Mexico. Agua Prieta is a parabolic station, located in the north of the country and has a capacity of 14 MW, and the small Arbomex station is a CPV-(concentrator photovoltaic) type plant.

Taking all this into account, we can hope that the next Intersolar exhibition, after a long three-year break, will noticeably stir up the solar energy industry in Mexico, especially since the natural resources and accumulated experience are available for this purpose.

To conclude, it is worth mentioning another exhibition, which is dedicated to, perhaps, the most pressing problem of renewable energy - energy storage. Another Energy Storage Europe trade show will be held in Dusseldorf on September 20-22. The last time a similar event was held in 2019 and attracted more than 4,000 visitors.  The main motto of the exhibition is decarbonization through energy storage.