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Events Calendar. February 2024

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February is traditionally perhaps the busiest month for significant energy events. In this brief review, we focused on upcoming events mainly dedicated to the oil and gas industry. We also couldn’t ignore the information about the next Geneva Motor Show.
On February 12-13, the oil capital of the world, Houston, will host a very remarkable event, the North American Frac Sand Exhibition & Conference 2024. For hydrocarbon production from low-permeable plays, it is necessary to create a network of collapse-resistant cracks in it, through which oil and gas can migrate to the surface of the well. Hydraulic fracturing is a means of well-stimulation and used to create new fractures in the rock or increase the size, reach, as well as connectivity of existing fractures. During the fracking process propping agents are used to keep the fracture open once the pumps are shut down and the fracture begins to close. The selection of proppants is very important for hydraulic fracturing.

The ideal propping agent is strong, resistant to crushing and corrosion, has a low density, and is available at low cost. The products that come closest to these desired traits are silica sand, resin-coated sand and ceramic proppants. Usually, sand is employed to prop open fractures in shallow formations. Sand is less expensive than resin-coated sand or ceramic proppants. Resin-coated sand is stronger than sand and used where more compressive strength is required to minimize proppant crushing. Some resins can form a consolidated pack in the fracture, which will help to eliminate proppant flow back into the wellbore. Ceramic proppants may consist of sintered bauxite, intermediate-strength proppant and lightweight proppant. The strength of ceramic proppants is proportional to its density. They are usually reserved for deep well stimulation where large values of in-situ stresses will exert great forces on the propping agent.
Development of specific proppant compositions that correspond to strict and diverse requirements of hydrocarbon production is a complex and vital object, which largely determines the efficiency of hydraulic fracturing process.

The upcoming event will feature more than fifty leading industry experts representing the following industry divisions: Frac Sand Producers, Frac Sand Logistics Companies, Sand Mining & Supply Companies, U.S. E&P Companies, U.S. Well Service Companies, Proppant Manufacturers, Trucking & Hauling Companies, Railway Operators, Sand Storage Companies, Sand Screening Equipment.

The event will focus on the following topics: Frac sand market supply and demand forecasts, New rail loading, offloading, and transloading developments, Reducing transportation costs and understanding pricing dynamics, Optimizing existing rail infrastructure, storage points, and capacity, Utilize local trucking and last-mile transportation strategies, Multiple end-user case studies and specification requirements.

Today, hydraulic fracturing technology is becoming more and more widespread throughout the world, including to enhance the production of traditional types of oil. However, the United States produces mainly shale oil and gas, the production of which is simply impossible without this technology. In this regard, it is here that the most advanced ideas and developments are formed, which ultimately prove useful to all specialists in the field of oil and gas production.

On February 13-15, the extremely interesting Sub Saharan Africa International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (SAIPEC) will take place in the capital of Nigeria, Lagos. Let us remind you that Sub Saharan Africa includes all African countries located below the Sahara. This includes such large suppliers of oil and gas to world markets as Nigeria, Angola, Sudan & South Sudan, Gabon, Ivory Coast. It should be noted that last year 6,000 participants, 150 companies and 23 national oil companies attended this event.

The following ratio of professional specialization of participants is assumed: 21% Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management, 10% NOC Delegations, 14% Exploration and Production, 12% Contracting, Commercial, Investment and Trading, 11% Service Company, 11% Marine, Shipping, Bunkering and Storage, 18% Support Services, Technology, HSSE, Data, Digital and Process Automation.

Another representative energy event will take place at the beginning of the third decade of February in Africa. We are talking about the Egypt Energy Show (EGYPS) 2024. This energy exhibition will be held with the support of the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. More than 35,000 participants and 2,200 delegates are expected to attend, covering all energy supply and value chains. Topics covered at the event include the following: upstream - exploration, production optimization and planning; midstream - gas, lng, infrastructure, transportation, storage, terminals & cargo handling; downstream - refining, petrochemicals, plastics and petrochemicals, fertilizers, distribution, supply chain management, crude-to-chemicals; energy transition - hydrogen, low-carbon technologies, decarbonisation, climate-tech, methane reduction.

The Geneva International Motor Show, which first took place back in 1905, reopens its doors at the end of February after a four-year break. Here you can expect more than 20 global brands and rising stars, Exclusive exhibitions, Talks and master classes, Interactive experiences, Live performances and Exciting surprises. The Adrenaline Zone is dedicated primarily to the world of motorsports, the Design District will allow you to get acquainted with the craftsmanship of automotive design, and the Mobility Lab will present the most advanced innovations.

Unfortunately, many well-known automakers will be absent from the exhibition. The list of global brands is very limited. Among those who will take part in the auto show are Renault and Dacia (Europe), BYD and MG Motor (China), Isuzu (Japan), Lucid (USA).

There is no reliable information yet about the new models that will be presented at the auto show. However, it is very likely that the American luxury EV brand Lucid will introduce its Air sedan. Renault is likely to showcase its fifth electric model. Kimera will delight visitors with its new Evo38 model.

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