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Energy Exhibitions & Conferences

Events calendar. October 2022

In the first decade of October, the next RE-Source 2022 forum will be held in Amsterdam. It is the largest platform in Europe where renewable energy buyers and suppliers can meet and advance their business activities, both in terms of resolving organizational issues and in terms of practical activities for buying and selling energy. The forum's traditional seminars and specialized sessions will cover topics as critical as the Supply Chain, Pricing Strategies, Renewable Heat Supply, Grid Development and many other aspects of today's energy industry.

Among the strategic partners of the program are such giants of global business as Amazon, Enel, Engie, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Iberdrola. The platform is supported by the European Commission and Irena.

Currently, such events are of particular importance, because global changes in traditional energy markets require a large-scale response. At the same time, renewable energy can become the core element that will ensure the strategic energy security of Europe.

From October 12 to 14, New Delhi will host POWERGEN India, India's largest forum on the power generation industry. Supplying the most populous country in the world with electricity is a highly complex organizational, technical and financial problem. Currently about 75% of India's electricity is generated from fossil fuels, dominated by coal. Renewable energy has been showing good dynamics in recent years, primarily due to wind and solar generation. However, the potential for using renewable sources in India is much greater, especially in the case of solar energy.

POWERGEN India provides a unique opportunity for power suppliers from any source to share key technical advances, discuss practical solutions for organizing and improving business efficiency, and engage in discussions with government officials. The forum is expected to be attended by more than 8,000 influential decision-makers, including politicians, regulators, electricity producers, business representatives, technology developers, equipment suppliers. As part of this event, more than 150 expert speakers and 200 exhibitors are planned.

Among the most relevant topics to be considered at POWERGEN India, it is necessary to highlight “... thermal power plant optimization through refurbishments, life extensions, emissions control, steam cycle operations and digitalization via data analytics to boost efficiency, flexibility and lifetime of assets”, “industrial cogeneration ”, “cyber security initiatives”, “…future of a decarbonising and converging energy industry”.

At the end of the second decade of October, the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) will take place in San Sebastián in northern Spain. The ocean provides mankind with colossal energy resources in the form of tidal and latitudinal currents, waves, and temperature gradients.

Ocean Energy. Resources and Infrastructure

However, it is a fact that today the use of these resources is negligible, especially compared to wind and solar energy, partly because ocean energy technology, as opposed to other types of renewable energy, is the least studied scientific area, and probably the most expensive. If we add geographical limitations, seasonality, and high risks of equipment failure from harsh ocean impact, the essence of the problem becomes clear. Nevertheless, the practical interest in this field continues, as evidenced by the upcoming conference that brings together the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) and Ocean Energy Europe's (OEE).

Among the main issues the conference plans to address are the transition to industrial-scale production, research and technology development, and supporting the future of ocean energy. The conference's associated exhibition will feature more than 70 companies, 900 attendees, and nearly 100 speakers. Particular attention will be paid to tidal and wave technologies, as they are the most promising developments and already have already proved their merit on many occasions.