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Renewable energy

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Presentation, thesis, websiminar (B) Of wind turbines on radar systems and mitigation measures: the case of Ngong wind farm in Kenya /B. Ndirangu, F. X. Ochieng, J. N. Kamau, C. Mburu/JKUAT Annual Scientific Conference, conference paper/August 2017/12 р./ United Kingdom
Details: WindTurbineTypeUnspecified, OtherTechnologicalElements, EnvironmentalAndSocialImpact
Article (B) Algae for Africa: microalgae as a source of food, feed and fuel in Kenya /F.W. Moejes, K.B. Moejes/African Journal of Biotechnology, Volume 16, Issue 7, pp. 288-301/15 February, 2017/14 pp./ United Kingdom
Details: Algae, ProcessingTechnologiesInGeneral, AdministrativeAndOrganisationalProblems
Report (B) Benefits of Low Emission Development Strategies: The Case of Kenya's Lake Turkana Wind Power Project /Pamela Cookson, Jessica Kuna, Emily Golla/ICF, report/January 2017/10 р./ United Kingdom
Details: OnshoreWindTurbine, OtherTechnologicalElements, AdministrativeAndOrganisationalProblems
Article (B) Determination of Suitable Sites for Establishment of Large-Scale Concentrated Solar Power Plants in Kenya /Gathu Joan, Odera Patroba, Waithaka Edward/Natural Resources, no 8, article/6 January 2017/p.1-23/ United Kingdom
Details: ParabolicTrough, LinearFresnelReflector, Dish/Stirling, LowEfficiencyDueToEnvironmentalFactors, LowEfficiencyInGeneral
Presentation, thesis, websiminar (B) Design and Fabrication of a Parabolic Dish Solar Collector with a Thermal Compensator /Muhia Ngaruiya/Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, thesis/2016/83 p./ United Kingdom
Details: Dish/Stirling, Optics, Receivers, Storage, HighCostsOfMaintenance, LowEfficiencyOfSecondaryEquipment, LowEfficiencyOfOpticsOrAbsorber, LowEfficiencyInGeneral, LowEfficiencyDueToEnvironmentalFactors
Article (R) Biodiversity and wind energy in Kenya: Revealing landscape and wind turbine perceptions in the world’s wildlife capital /Erik Nordman, Jane Mutinda/Energy Research & Social Science, Volume 19, article/September 2016/ Pages 108–118/ United Kingdom
Details: WindTurbineTypeUnspecified, OtherTechnologicalElements, EnvironmentalAndSocialImpact
Newsletter, Press Releases (B) African Delegation Exchanges Knowledge with Top Geothermal Experts / 18 May 2015 / News and Feature Stories / News /  National Renewable Energy Laboratory United Kingdom
Details: Geothermal, Electricity, Projects, Kenya
Article (R) Understanding bioenergy conflicts: Case of a jatropha project in Kenya's Tana Delta /J. Arevalo, R. Ochieng, B. Mola-Yudego, D. Gritten/Land Use Policy, Volume 41, Pages 138-148/November, 2014/11 p./ United Kingdom
Details: OtherAndUnspecifiedTechnologies, Pre-TreatmentOfFeedstock, AdministrativeAndOrganisationalProblems, EnvironmentalAndSocialImpact