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Renewable energy

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Presentation, thesis, websiminar (B) Development of software for estimating clear sky solar radiation in Indonesia /H Ambarita/IOP Conference Series: Journal of Physics, conference paper/2017/7 p./ United Kingdom
Details: CSPInGeneral, LowEfficiencyDueToSolarMovement
Presentation, thesis, websiminar (R) Preliminary design of solar thermal power generation-Indonesia case study /B. Halimi ; B. Anggoro ; Haidar A. Daffa/2016 3rd Conference on Power Engineering and Renewable Energy (ICPERE), conference paper/24 April 2017/ United Kingdom
Details: CSPInGeneral, LowEfficiencyInGeneral
Article (R) Comparison of catalytic pyrolysis and gasification of Indonesian low rank coals using lab-scale bubble fluidized-bed reactor /Tae-Jin Kang, HyeJung Park, Hueon Namkung, Li-Hua Xu, Shumin Fan, Hyung-Taek Kim/Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, Volume 34, Issue 4, article/April 2017/pp 1238–1249/ United Kingdom
Details: Hydrogen, Coal-To-Liquids, OtherMethodsOfSyngasProduction, LowEfficiencyOfMainProcesses, LowEfficiencyDueToFeedQuality
Newsletter, Press Releases (B) Chevron Concludes Sale of Geothermal Operations in Indonesia / 31 Mar 2017 / Press Releases / Chevron United Kingdom
Details: Geothermal, Finance, Star Energy, Energy market
Review (B) Renewable Energy Prospects: Indonesia / International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) / March 2017, 108 pages / United Kingdom
Newsletter, Press Releases (B) Chevron Announces Sale of Geothermal Operations / 23 Dec 2016 / Press Releases / Chevron United Kingdom
Details: Geothermal, Finance, Star Energy, Energy market, Indonesia, Philippines