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Renewable energy

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Article (R) Structural parameters multi-objective optimisation and dynamic characteristics analysis of large-scale wind turbine towers /J. C. Dai, Z. Q. Liu, X. Liu, S. Y. Yang, X. B. Shen/Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Volume 16, Issue 1, article/December 2018/Pages 43-49/ United Kingdom
Details: WindTurbineTypeUnspecified, StructuralElements, HighOpex/OperationalMaintenance
Article (R) Water resource selection and optimisation for shale gas developments in Australia: A combinatorial approach /Cesar Gonzalez Cruz, Mohsen Naderpour, Fahimeh Ramezani/Computers & Industrial Engineering, Volume 124, article/October 2018/Pages 1-11/ United Kingdom
Details: Geothermal, TightGas/ShaleGas, FracturingMaterials/OtherMaterials, Drilling(Incl.HorizontalDrilling), EcologicalBalance, Energy,GasOrWaterConsumption
Newsletter, Press Releases (B) Enel Green Power awarded support agreement for 34 MW of new solar capacity in Australian State renewable auction / 11 Sep 2018 / Press Releases / Enel United Kingdom
Details: PV, Projects, Cohuna, EGPE, Victoria
Newsletter, Press Releases (B) Enel Green Power cooperates on wave energy with Australian CCE / 30 Jul 2018 / Press Releases / Enel United Kingdom
Details: Ocean, Projects, AWEP, Research, Technology, CETO, Carnegie, EGP
Patent (B) Prefabricated anaerobic biodigester / Appl. WO2018102847A1 / IPC: C02F11/04; C02F3/28 / Jeffreys Ben; Harris Lachlan / Atec Australia International Pty Ltd (AU) / Appl. Date: 09.12.2016 / Publ. Date: 14.06.2018 / United Kingdom
Details: Biogas, Device, PrimaryProcessing, CaptureAndSeparation, LowEfficiencyOfMainProcesses, HighCapex/Development
Newsletter, Press Releases (B) Enel starts production at Australia’s largest Solar PV Project / 30 May 2018 / Press Releases / Enel United Kingdom
Details: PV, Bungala, Technology, EGP, DIF