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Experimental Analysis on Mechanical Properties of Perforated Casing in Complex Fracturing /LH Han, GX Liu, SY Yang, P Wang/Materials Science Forum, Vol. 944, article/January 2019/p. 918-922/
Details: Geothermal, TightOil, TightGas/ShaleGas, Drilling(Incl.HorizontalDrilling), HighOpex/RepairAndReplacement, LowEfficiency/MainProcesses
Horizontal Well of Shale Gas Complex Fracturing Casing Failure Mechanism /SY Yang, JJ Wang, GX Liu, LH Han/Materials Science Forum, Volume 944, article/January 2019/p. 898-902/
Details: Geothermal, TightGas/ShaleGas, FracturingMaterials/OtherMaterials, Drilling(Incl.HorizontalDrilling), HighOpex/RepairAndReplacement, HighOpex/OperationAndConsumables, LowEfficiency/MainProcesses
A theoretical solution to predict pulling forces in horizontal directional drilling installations /L Cai, MA Polak /Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, Volume 83, article/ January 2019/ Pages 313-323/
Details: Geothermal, DirectionalDrilling, Drilling(Incl.HorizontalDrilling), HighOpex/RepairAndReplacement, LowEfficiency/MainProcesses, HighOpex/OperationAndConsumables
Minimizing the HTHP filtration loss of oil-based drilling fluid with swellable polymer microspheres /H Zhong, G Shen, Z Qiu, Y Lin, L Fan, X Xing, Jia Li/Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Volume 172, article/January 2019/Pages 411-424/
Details: Geothermal, DirectionalDrilling, Drilling(Incl.HorizontalDrilling), LowEfficiency/MainProcesses, HighOpex/OperationAndConsumables, LowEfficiency/SecondaryProcesses
Details: Geothermal, TightGas/ShaleGas, Drilling(Incl.HorizontalDrilling), FracturingMaterials/ProppingAgents, EcologicalSafety, LowEfficiency/MainProcesses, EcologicalBalance, LowEfficiency/Exploration
Log interpretation for horizontal wells in Fuyu tight oil reservoirs of changyuan oilfield, Daqing /ZHENG JiANDong, ZHU Jianhua, YAN Weilin/Well Logging Technology, article/January 2019/
Details: Geothermal, TightOil, Drilling(Incl.HorizontalDrilling), ProductionAndAdditionalStimulation, LowEfficiency/Exploration, HighOpex/RepairAndReplacement, LowEfficiency/MainProcesses
Study on High Efficiency Oil Based Drilling Fluid System for Fuling Deep Shale Gas Horizontal Well /LIU Yuan-xian/Contemporary Chemical Industry, article/January 2019/
Details: Geothermal, TightGas/ShaleGas, Drilling(Incl.HorizontalDrilling), LowEfficiency/MainProcesses, HighOpex/RepairAndReplacement, HighOpex/OperationAndConsumables
Analytical Method to Evaluate Casing Stress during Multi-Fracturing for Shale Gas Wells /XL Guo, J Li, YJ Zeng, SD Ding/Materials Science Forum, Vol. 944, conference paper/January 2019/p. 1050-1060/
Details: Geothermal, TightGas/ShaleGas, Drilling(Incl.HorizontalDrilling), HighOpex/OperationAndConsumables, LowEfficiency/MainProcesses
Optimization of multilateral well configuration in fractured reservoirs /Z Lyu, X Song, L Geng, G Li /Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Volume 172, article/January 2019/Pages 1153-1164/
Details: Geothermal, TightOil, Drilling(Incl.HorizontalDrilling), LowEfficiency/MainProcesses, HighCostsInGeneral
Effect of in-situ stress contrast on fracture containment during single-and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing /PLP Wasantha, H Konietzky, C Xu/Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Volume 205, article/ January 2019/Pages 175-189/
Details: Geothermal, TightGas/ShaleGas, HydraulicFracturingControl, Drilling(Incl.HorizontalDrilling), LowEfficiency/MainProcesses