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Energy industry in Denmark
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Energy Balance Energy Balance
General Energy Balance Statistics
Website Statistics Denmark/ Geography, environment and energy / Environment and energy
Website PDF Danish Energy Agency / Key Figures from DEA's Preliminary Energy Statistics 2018
Website PDF ENERGINET/ Environmental report for Danish electricity and CHP for 2018
Website data base Central Intelligence Agency/The World Factbook/ Denmark
Website data base U.S. Energy Information Administration/Reserves & Capacity / Denmark
Website data base International Energy Agency/ © OECD/IEA, 2014, IEA Publishing, Licence: / Non-member countries/ Denmark
Website data base World Bank/By Country/ Denmark
Website data base Trading Economics/Countries/ Denmark
Website data base Denmark
Website data base The Titi Tudorancea Bulletin/Country Report/ Denmark
Website data base Index Mundi/ Denmark
Website data base REEGLY/ Denmark
Website PDF Energy Efficiency Indicators in Europe-Odyssee/Publications/CountryProfiles/ Denmark
Website Report paid Europe’s Energy Portal/Energy Dependency/ Denmark
Website data base IRENA/Country Information/Resources/ Data and Statistics
Website MAP Maps of World/ World Energy Balance Map
Website MAP Maps of World/ World Electricity Consumption Map
Website data base FindTheBest/ World Electricity Generation
Website Presentation Universidad Pontificia Comillas/ Energy in Denmark-a green transition
Review PDF BP/BP Statistical Review of World Energy June 2018
Review PDF ENI/World Oil Review 2018 (Volume 1)
Review PDF ENI/World Gas and Renewables Review 2018 (Volume 2)
Fossil Fuels Energy Balance
Website PDF Danish Energy Agency / Annual and Monthly Energy Statistics / Key Figures from DEA's Preliminary Energy Statistic / RESOURCES AND FORECASTS / Production / Exploration
Renewable Energy Balance
Website data base International Renewable Energy Agency/Country Information/ Resources/Country Profiles/ Denmark
Website MAP Global Renewable Fuels Alliance (GRFA)/ Interactive World Biofuels Map
Website MAP REN21/ Renewables Interactive Map
Website Res Legal/ Denmark: Overall Summary
Website PDF Greenpeace/ Denmark’s commitment to 100% renewable energy
Website PDF Cite Seer X / Energy balance and cost-benefit analysis of biogas production from perennial energy crops pretreated by wet oxidation
Website PDF Windpower/ KlimaDanmark 2050 – en energivision