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Energy industry in the United Arab Emirates


Legislation Energy Policy and Legislation in the Field of Energy and Related Fields
Website data base International Renewable Energy Agency/Country Information/ Resources/Country Profiles/ UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Website data base REEGLY/ United Arab Emirates
Website data base The World Law Guide / Legislation United Arab Emirates
Report PDF REN 21/Renewables 2019 Global status report
Website London School of Economic and Political Science/ THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AN EXCERPT FROM The 2015 Global Climate Legislation Study
Website PDF The Climate Group/ DEMAND SIDE MANAGEMENT STRATEGY Introduction and Progress To Date
Website Columbia Law School/ Climate Change Laws of United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Website PDF Environment Agency Abu Dhabi/ The water resources management strategy for the emirate of Abu Dhabi
Website PDF UNECE /Renewable Energy Policies Case Study For The United Arab Emirates