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Energy Balance Energy Balance
General Energy Balance Statistics
Website 국가통계포털(Korean Statistical Information Service)/Mining and Manufacturing Industry/Energy
Website 한국 에너지 통계 정보 시스템(Korea Energy Statistical Information System)/Publications/Key Energy Statistics/Yearbook of Regional Energy Statistics/Supply and demand trend/Energy Outlook/Yearbook of Energy Statistics
Website PDF 에너지 경제 연구원/Major Energy Indicators/Energy Focus/Energy Info.Korea 2018
Website data base Central Intelligence Agency / The World Factbook / South Korea
Website data base U.S. Energy Information Administration( July 16, 2018) / Georgraphy / Countries /South Korea
Website data base / Countries A-Z / South Korea
Website data base REEGLY / Energy profile South Korea
Website data base The Encyclopedia of Earth / Energy profile of countries /South Korea
Website MAP Maps of World/World Electricity Consumption Map/World Electricity production Map
Website PDF Energy Research Estore/Global Energy Statistical Yearbook
Fossil Fuels Energy Balance
Website PDF 에너지 경제 연구원/Major Energy Indicators/Energy Focus/Energy Info.Korea 2018
Review PDF BP /BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2018
Review PDF ENI/World Oil Review 2018 (Volume 1)
Review PDF ENI/World Gas and Renewables Review 2018 (Volume 2)
Website Report National Academy of Engineering/Shale Gas: Promises and Challenges
Website PDF World Energy Council/World Energy Resources: 2016 Survey
Website PDF Climate Transparency/Republic of Korea
Renewable Energy Balance
Website - Energy New and Renewable
Website PDF International Renewable Energy Agency/REPUBLIC OF KOREA/Renewable Energy Statistics 2018
Website Report Waste Atlas/Waste Atlas Report 2013
Website PDF Korea Energy Agency/KEA Annual Report 2018
Website KOREA EXPOSÉ/Beyond the Static: Renewable Energy in South Korea