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General Energy Balance Statistics
Website Қазақстан Республикасы Статистика комитетi /Energy and Commodity Markets Statistics/Emergency Data (Operational Information, Bulletins)/ Official Statistical Information/Статистика энергетики и товарных рынков
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Website MAP Maps of World/World Energy Balance Map
Website MAP Maps of World/World Electricity Consumption Map
Review PDF U.S. Energy Information Administration(February 6, 2018)/Annual Energy Outlook 2018 with projections 2050
Fossil Fuels Energy Balance
Review PDF BP /BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2018
Review PDF ENI/World Oil Review 2018 (Volume 1)
Review PDF ENI/World Gas and Renewables Review 2018 (Volume 2)
Website Presentation UNECE/ Formation of fuel and energy balance in the Republic of Kazakhstan and energy efficiency indicators
Website World Data Info/ Energy consumption in Kazakhstan
Renewable Energy Balance
Website data base International Renewable Energy Agency/Country Information/ Resources/Country Profiles/Kazakhstan
Website MAP Global Renewable Fuels Alliance (GRFA)/Interactive World Biofuels Map
Website World Energy Council/World Energy Resources: 2013 Survey/World Energy Resources: 2016 Survey
Website PDF EBRD /Renewable Energy In Kazakhstan - EBRD
Website PDF UNECE/ Kazakhstan puts focus on renewable energy - unece
Website PDF EU low carbon & energy security Milesecure-2050/ A review of current energy systems and green energy potential in Kazakhstan
Website PDF UNDP /Kazakhstan: Derisking Renewable Energy Investment - UNDP