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Energy industry in Israel
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Energy projects Energy Development and Projects
Government Organization PDF משרד התשתיות הלאומיות, האנרגיה והמים(Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources)/ Legislation / Energy Conservation / National Energy Efficiency Program Reducing Electricity Consumption 2010-2020 / מדיניות משרד התשתיות הלאומיותלשילוב אנרגיות מתחדשות
Government Organization משרד להגנת הסביבה(Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection)/ Renewable Energy Planning and Policy: An Overview
Website data base International Energy Agency/Global Renewable Energy/ Internetional Energy Agency /©OECD/IEA 2018, IEA Publishing, Licence: Global Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database
Website The Legal 500/ PROJECTS AND ENERGY
Website MAP AcuComm/ Israel
Website Tenders Info / Projects By Country / Israel Projects
Website NREL: Concentrating Solar Power Projects/ Concentrating Solar Power Projects in Israel
Information on Tenders, Grants, Competitions
Website Tenders Info / Energy, Power and Electrical Tenders
Website Tenders Info /Tenders By Country / Global Israel Tenders
Website dgMarket/ Energy and Mining Tenders in Israel