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Energy industry in Iran
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Energy Resources Energy resources
Fossil Fuels: Oil & Gas
Website data base The Encyclopedia of Earth/Energy profile of countries/ Iran
Website data base Index Mundi/ Iran
Website data base World Energy Council/ World Energy Resources Interactiv
Website data base A Barrel Full Oil/A Barrel Full Oil & Gas Wiki/Country Oil & Gas Profiles/ Iran Oil And Gas Profile
Website OPEC/ Iran facts and figures
Website Iran Oil and Gas Network/ Iran Oil & Gas Fields
Review PDF BP/BP Statistical Review of World Energy June 2019
Website National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) / Oilfield and Gasfield
Website Iran Oil and Gas/ Naft Shahr
Website Oil and Gas Journal/ Fields on Iraq’s borders require joint operations
Website Shana/ Naft Shahr Desalting Plant Operational in 2nd Half
Website Reuters/ Iran oil rig fire may blaze for six months - report
Website Shana/ Abuzar Oil Field's Output Up by 12,000 bpd
Website Iran Daily/ Abuzar oilfield output soars 12,000 bpd
Website Mehr News Agency/ Production at Abuzar oilfield hits 240,000 bpd
Website Reuters/ Iran oil field leak cuts output by 40,000 bpd: media
Website SubSeaIQ/ South Pars gas field
Website Offshore Mag/ Eni to work with NIOC on Kish gas studies
Website Mehre News/ Malaysia to develop 2 Iranian gas fields
Website PressTV/ Iran opens $6 billion gas operations
Website Iranian Oil and Gas/ Fields Details
Website Gas and Oil and Connection/ Iran reveals gas plans for Forouz B offshore oil field
Website Mehr News Agency/ Tabnak gas field to be completed by early 2005
Website Shana/ Tabnak Gas Field; Largest in Iran
Website Zirasas/ Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of Tabnak Gas Field Surface Facilities Tabnak Gas Field Development
Website Iranian Oil and Gas/ Kangan / Khangiran Gas Field
Fossil Fuels: Coal
Website Iran Minerals Production and Supply Co. / Central Alborz Coal Company
Website The Iran Project / Coal concentrate output up
Website Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) / Coal concentrate output up
Website Iran Mining / Mines – Iran
Website PDF زغال سنگ براي توليد برق در ايران/ پژوهشگاه علوم انسانی(Centre for Scientific and Research Activities)
Website MAP Maps of World/ World Coal Deposits
Website NGDIR / Coal
Website MBendi Information Services / Coal Mining in Iran
Fossil Fueis: Uran
Website ISIS Nuclear Iran / The Saghand Mine & Gchine Mine and Mill
Website World Nuclear Association / Uranium resources and mining
Website OECD Nuclear Energy Agency / Uranium 2014: Resources, Production and Demand
Website Industry About / Uranium Mining
Renewable Resources
Website MAP The Global Energy Network Institute/ Renewable Energy Resource Maps
Website MAP IRENA/ Global Atlas for Renewable Energy
Website MAP REN21/ Renewables Interactive Map
Website data base International Renewable Energy Agency/Country Information/ Resources/Country Profiles/ Iran
Website data base World Energy Council/ World Energy Resources Interactiv
Website Middle East Institute/ Iran’s Renewable Energy Potential
Website PDF Society for Science and Nature/ STATUS OF RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES IN IRAN
Website Renewable Energy in Iran, Investment Opportunities
Renewable Resources : Wind Energy
Website MAP OpenEI/Solar and Wind Energy Resources Assesment
Renewable Resources: Solar Energy
Website PDF International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications/ Solar Energy and Its Future Role in India and Iran
Renewable Resources : Geothermal Energy
Website انرژی زمین گرمایی و کاربردهای آن /نشاء علم(Science Cultivation)
Website Pangea Standfort/ Geothermal Energy in Iran
Renewable Resources: Bio energy
Renewable Resources: Hydro Energy
Website انرژی آبی در ایران /Vista News Hub