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Energy industry in Iran
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General data

Islamic Republic of Iran / جمهوری اسلامی ایران   
Capital: Teheran
Official languages:  Persian
National Day: 11 February
Population: 86,758,304 (2022 est.)
Density: 48/km2
Life expectancy at birth: 75.25 years
Area (land): 1,648,195 km2 (18th) 636,372 sq mi
Coastline: 2,440 km; note - Iran also borders the Caspian Sea (740 km)
Currency: Rial (﷼) (IRR)
GDP (purchasing power parity): $1.044 trillion (2020)
GDP - per capita (PPP): $12,400 (2020)
Internet country code: .ir
General Data
Government Organization اطلاعات عمومی/ وزارت امورخارجه (Ministry of foreign affairs)
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