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Energy Balance Energy Balance
General Energy Balance Statistics
Website data base Statistics Indonesia/ Statistical Yearbook of Indonesia in Infographics 2018/ Statistical Yearbook of Indonesia 2018
Government Organization PDF MINISTRY OF ENERGY AND MINERAL RESOURCES/ Handbook of Energy and Economic Statistics of Indonesia
Government Organization PDF Kementerian Energi Dan Sumer Daya Mineral / Indonesia Energy Outlook
Website data base World Bank/ By Country / Indonesia
Website data base Index Mundi/ Indonesia
Website data base Trading Economics/Countries/ Indonesia– National Statistical Data
Website data base Indonesia
Website data base The Titi Tudorancea Bulletin/Country Report/ Indonesia
Website data base REEGLY/ Energy profile Indonesia
Website World Nuclear Association / Nuclear Power in Indonesia
Website Energypedia/ Indonesia Energy Situation
Website PDF APEC / Indonesia
Website Report paid Enerdata Energy Research Restore/ Indonesia Energy Report
Website PDF OECD iLibriary/ OECD Economic Survey Indonesia
Website PDF World Energy Council/ World Energy Resources: 2016 Survey
Website MAP Maps of World/ World Energy Balance Map
Website PDF Energy Research Estore/ Global Energy Statistical Yearbook
Review PDF U.S. Energy Information Administration(February 6, 2018)/ International Energy Outlook 2018 with projections 2050
Fossil Fuels Energy Balance
Website A Barrel Full/ Indonesia Oil and Gas Profile
Website Indexmundi/ Indonesia Electricity – consumption
Government Organization Ditjen Mineral Dan Batubara / Produksi Batubara
Review PDF BP /BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2018
Review PDF ENI/World Oil Review 2018 (Volume 1)
Review PDF ENI/World Gas and Renewables Review 2018 (Volume 2)
Renewable Energy Balance
Website GBG Indonesia / Renewable Energy
Website PDF Energy-Indonesia / Renewable Energy Investment Opportunity and Risks
Website PDF Global Bio Energy/ Renewable Energy Develoment in Indonesia
Website PDF IRENA/ Renewable Energy Country Profile Indonesia
Website PDF Unescap / Enabling Environment and Technology Innovation Ecosystem for Affordable Sustainable Energy Options
Website PDF International Renewable Energy Agency/ Renewable Energy Statistics 2018
Website PDF International Renewable Energy Agency/ Perspectives for the energy transition
Website PDF World Energy Council/World Energy Resources: 2016 Survey
Website Report Waste Atlas/Waste Atlas Report 2013