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Energy industry in India
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Energy projects Energy Development and Projects
Government Organization PDF Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) /Safety Surveillance Of Nuclear Facilities
Government Organization PDF Ministry of Power/LIST OF PROJECTS COMMISSIONED DURING 12TH PLAN (till 15.01.2015)
Website Presentation The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan / India’s Energy Strategy: Draft National Energy Policy (NEP) 2040
Website data base International Energy Agency/©OECD/IEA 2018, IEA Publishing, Licence: Renewable Energy/IEA/IRENA Global Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database
Website Geothermal Energy Association/International Developing Geothermal Power Project List 2015
Website /Power Projects
Website data base News / Electricity - India
Website WISE Uranium Project / Mining & Milling / Issues / New Uranium Mining Projects - Asia / New Uranium Mining Projects - India
Website data base News /Oil&Gas - India
Website UNFCC / Project Cycle Search /Project 2944 : Gorai Landfill closure and Gas Capture Project, Mumbai, India
Information on Tenders, Grants, Competitions
Website Energy, power and electrical tenders / Country Wise Tenders / Energy, Power & Electrical Tenders - India
Website Indiamart / Free Tenders from India