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Energy industry in South Africa
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Legislation Energy Policy and Legislation in the Field of Energy and Related Fields
Government Organization PDF Department of Energy / Acts and Legislation / Energy Efficiency Strategy of the Republic of South Africa / strategic plan
Website data base International Renewable Energy Agency/Country Information/ Resources/Country Profiles/South Africa
Website data base International Energy Agency/Energy Efficiency/ Addressing Climate Change Database
Website data base International Energy Agency/Global Renewable Energy/ IEA/IRENA Global Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database
Website data base International Energy Agency/Addressing Climate Change/ Energy Efficiency Database
Website MAP REN21/ Renewables Interactive Map
Website data base REEGLY/ Policy and Regulatory-Overviews
Website data base The World Law Guide/ South Africa
Website University of Cape Town/ South Africa’s renewable energy policy roadmaps
Website African Renewable Energy Alliance/ Renewable Energy Policies in South Africa
Website PDF International Atomic Energy Agency/ Energy policies for sustainable development in South Africa
Website PDF Greenpeace/ Powering the Future Renewable Energy Roll-out in South Africa
Website PDF United States Energy Association/ SOUTH AFRICAN ENERGY SECTOR
Government Organization PDF South African Government/ Republic of South Africa Nuclear Act
Website PDF United Nations/ The Legal Framework for Renewable Energy in South Africa