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Legislation Energy Policy and Legislation in the Field of Energy and Related Fields
Government Organization PDF Federal Ministry of Power/ National Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency Policy (NREEEP)
Website data base International Renewable Energy Agency/Country Information/ Resources/Country Profiles/ Nigeria
Website data base International Energy Agency/©OECD/IEA 2018, IEA Publishing, Licence: Global Renewable Energy/ IEA/IRENA Global Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database
Website MAP REN21/ Renewables Interactive Map
Website data base REEGLY/ Policy and Regulatory-Overviews
Website PDF Sustainable Energy For All/ NIGERIA: Rapid Assessment and Gap Analysis
Website PDF ICEED/ Renewable Electricity Policy Guidelines
Website PDF Holistic Sustainable Development Network/ Renewable Energy in Nigeria: A Peep Into Science, A Conclusion On Policy
Website PDF The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan/ COUNTRY REPORT ON NIGERIA ENERGY SYSTEM
Website PDF International Journal of Engineering and Science Invention (IJESI)/Energy Security in Nigeria: Challenges and Way Forward
Website PDF Global Energy Network Institute/ How is 100% renewable energy possible for Nigeria?
Website PDF African Renewable Energy Alliance/ Renewable Energy Development in Nigeria
Website PDF Deutsche Geselllschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit/ The Nigerian Energy Sector - an Overview with a Special Emphasis on Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Rural Electrification
Website United Nations/ Institutional Aspects of Sustainable Development in Nigeria
Website PDF REEGLE/ Nigeria
Website PDF WACEE/ National Energy Policy
Website PDF Science Direct/ Nigeria's energy policy: Inferences, analysis and legal ethics toward RE development