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Energy Balance Energy Balance
General Energy Balance Statistics
Website PDF SEEG/ Rapport Annuel SEEG
Website data base Central Intelligence Agency / The World Factbook / Gabon
Website data base International Energy Agency /©OECD/IEA 2018, IEA Publishing, Licence: By Country / Gabon
Website World Bank / By Country / Gabon
Website data base Index Mundi/ Gabon
Website data base Find The Best / World Economic Outlook (IMF)
Website Knoema/ Gabon
Website data base World Energy Council/ World Energy Resources Interactiv
Website PDF World Energy Council/ World Energy Resources: 2010 Survey / World Energy Resources: 2013 Survey / World Energy Resources: 2016 Survey
Review PDF BP /BP Statistical Review of World Energy June 2019
Fossil Fuels Energy Balance
Website Review International Energy Agency/©OECD/IEA 2018, IEA Publishing, Licence: Oil Market Report
Website Globalshift/ Gabon
Website PDF International Energy Agency/©OECD/IEA 2018, IEA Publishing, Licence: Natural Gas Information
Renewable Energy Balance
Website data base International Renewable Energy Agency/Country Information/ Resources/Country Profiles/ Gabon
Website PDF Central African Forest Initiative/ Gabon Vert / Plan Strategique Gabon Emergent
Report PDF Ren21/Renewables 2016 Global status report
Website PDF Energies Renouvelables/ Gabon - Energies Renouvelables
Website PDF Gabon Magazine/ Energie
Website PDF IRENA/ L'Afrique et les énergies renouvelables
Website PDF Worldbank/ WHAT A WASTE A Global Review of Solid Waste Management